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Personal credit to pay off debts and clear name in SPC! Asking for a loan seems to be a national craze, even more so when one is in debt, we already know why the demand for personal credit has grown a lot, while the Retirees, Pensioners and Public Employees are able to enjoy the benefits of the “INSS payroll loan”, on the other hand, and the majority of Private Employees in the Active and Self-Employed have yet to pay very high interest rates, ranging from 5.6% to 9% a month depending on the Bank or the Bank to obtain a personal loan.

The rate charged equals the average interest charged on the overdraft, of course not all cases. Overdraft usually delivers lower amounts than those granted on a conventional personal loan and lower than that charged on credit cards, which is around 6.5% per month.

Clear name paying debts

Clear name paying debts

But with the progressive indebtedness in some sectors of the population, this has led to a significant increase in the demand for personal loans without consulting CPF or SPC by Private and Self Employed Employees in search of personal credit to add it with salary and other incomes for to pay credit card debt, overdraft, financing and other types of debt, and mainly want personal credit to pay debts and clear the name of SPC and Serasa and other restrictive issues.

Another goal is to consolidate all the debts in one place, that is, to gather several debts in a single bank or financial, to lower old interest rates and interest rates by making current payments smoother, which experts call this “stretching the debt profile” or “borrowing debt” procedure. Although we all know that despite the advantage, the installments will be paid over a long, long time.

Personal credit to pay off debts

Personal credit to pay off debts

Personal credit is one of the forms of consumer credit found widely in banks, financial institutions and credit unions. There are specific lines of credit for certain types of consumption of goods such as: car loans, home loans, student loans or education, financing for renewable energies, travel and vacation credit etc. Currently the consumer can contract a personal loan with fixed interest rates and with variable rates.

In the “fixed rate” the borrower pays all equal parts of the personal credit until the end of the plan, in the “variable rate”, the installments vary according to the monthly interest rate, either it can go up or down.

Personal credit is divided into two basic lines for granting:

1 – The most common is personal credit to the individual

2 – Personal credit to the legal entity (companies in general)

Where to find personal credit to pay off debts?


Where to find personal credit to pay off debts?


Whatever the reason you need to borrow money, choose well your personal credit offers online or pre-approved in banks or financial. Always compare the amount, value of monthly installments, and the balance due, do not just rely on interest rates.

A good recommendation is to get loans from a local credit union, access the collective lending (lending P2P) or bank platforms. Credit unions and online lending sites can offer lower interest rates and more flexible terms, especially for borrowers with a negative name, ie dirty name. They are also your best shot to get small loans up to $ 5,000 reais.

Few large financial institutions offer unsecured personal loans; Simplic, MoneyMan, Crefisa Digital and Credisfera are some that do.

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