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The kitchen is a center piece of a house’s life. Thus, the French are ready to spend a lot for their cooking. Learn more

The kitchen is a center piece of a house’s life. It must be functional and well equipped to fulfill its proper role. Sometimes you need to change the decor to bring a personal touch to the kitchen.

The frequency of use of this piece is another reason to remake it partially or completely. Two options are available to you in these cases. Either you finance the new kitchen on own funds, or you take a loan. In either case, it is important to measure the impact on your budget.


Change the kitchen with its savings

Change the kitchen with its savings

At a stroke of heart, you decide to buy the kitchen that seduced you by paying cash. Direct payment gives you the benefit of saving the cost of a loan and canceling out its risks. However, you must pay up to € 10,000 and depending on the cook (industrial or artisanal) prices can increase sharply.
Between the furniture, the work plan, the appliances, the accessories, the materials and the labor, there are many expenses to be made. In addition, for a partial or total renovation of the kitchen, it is necessary to provide:

  • the advice of a designer or an architect for 1000 €. Advice is important to guide and stop your choice and your budget. Specialists help you make the most of the available space and provide you with information to help you get accurate pricing from suppliers.
  • the cost of demolition
  • the cost of ancillary facilities that accompany equipment. The price of a cabinet, for example, must contain the price of moldings, drawers, finishing panels and light caches.
  • the cost of unforeseen events or surprises reserved for a renovation. It is recommended to allocate a minimum amount of 10% of the total budget.

Financing a new kitchen can be very heavy for your personal budget. There is always the option of credit, but start by thoroughly evaluating your project before you start. Experts recommend putting less than 10% of the value of the house in this equipment to be able to recover it for sale.


Finance the new kitchen with a loan

Finance the new kitchen with a loan

If you decide to rely on a loan to finance the new kitchen, several offers are available to you.
First, the consumer credit that is directly offered by the cooks in the form of loan work or personal loan work kitchen.
You can request and obtain up to € 30000 delivered in 72 hours maximum subject to acceptance of the work loan file. Think before any commitment to compare the competing offers before choosing. Rates can vary a lot from one lender to another. Credit gives you the benefit of:

  • quickly get the money to cover all expenses
  • keep your savings, when you have them, to make beneficial investments. Saving also allows you to negotiate with your lender the credit rate and related charges
  • to make room for other investments.

Second, the payment facilities to spread over several months. It is possible to ask them on site at the store.


Enjoy a reduced VAT

Enjoy a reduced VAT

According to article 279-0 bis I of the general tax code, you can benefit from a reduced VAT of 20 to 10% on labor and furniture by entrusting the installation of the new kitchen to a approved specialist provided that the dwelling is more than two years old.

To finance a new kitchen is to face two options. Use personal money or credit. In any case take the time to properly locate your needs to clear with the help of professionals a clear budget.

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